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Therapeutic Bodywork with Energy Healing

Each Therapeutic bodywork session is created with intuition, and in accordance with the unique and ever-changing needs of the individual to facilitate deep physical, emotional and mental relaxation and healing. The treatment is created from multiple therapeutic techniques, including Swedish and deep tissue massage, stretching, breathwork, mindfulness techniques and energetic clearing (even if not expressly stated, there is energetic clearing occurring in each session.)

"Lauralee embodies a combination of exceptional skill, warmth, and professionalism that is incredibly rare and an absolute treasure.  I began seeing Lauralee because of neck pain that prevented me from turning my head for months and was impervious to muscle relaxers, acupuncture, and the hands of less skilled massage therapists.  After one treatment from Lauralee, I had significant relief, and after three or four, I had full mobility back.  I have continued to seek treatment from Lauralee and have experienced a significant reduction in migraines, which I've experienced since childhood, as well as great relief from the various aches and pains of workouts.  Even when I am not experiencing any particular symptom, however, Lauralee offers respite and restoration from the everyday stresses of life.  She is truly a healer."



Prenatal Massage With Energy Healing

Receiving massage therapy during pregnancy nourishes the physical and emotional wellbeing of both mother and baby. Specifically designed to offer nurturance required during a sacred time of transition, this treatment provides relaxation, increased energy, and the relief of any discomfort. Compassionate touch supports expectant mothers in rejoicing in their changing bodies, serving as a gentle pathway to a conscious birthing experience. Whether you are pregnant or trying to conceive, a healing session can greatly support your process. 


10 years on, since the day we met, there is still only one woman in my life whom I always return to for energy work and massage therapy.   Being in Lauralee's care and presence, I feel her wisdom and openness shine through, and she radiates kindness and compassion like no other. Every time I come to her table, I find myself opening and deepening, my entire body relaxes into the space she holds so beautifully, and I remember once again the inner wisdom of the past, the present and the future. And she is there by my side, like a being of pure light, with healing hands and the most divine touch, to tune into all the energy around us. She aligns her hands and works into places of holding, and you can feel the channels start to move the body into a place of receptivity...

- Essie J.



Energy Healing & Reiki


Universal life force energies are utilized to release restrictions and restore the body's naturally abundant flow of vitality and joy. Clients are supported in letting go and finding a place of deep rest within themselves. Sessions last 60 minutes and clients are fully clothed. Energy healing can be combined with other healing modalities to cater to your individual needs. 


"Lauralee takes a holistic, individual approach to each session - she wants to understand what your issues are, and then works with you on the best treatment to deliver the results you seek. Whether it's intense massage, energy work or a combination - she intuitively knows where the problem areas are and how to fix them.  I always walk out from a session feeling a sense of lightness - relaxed, yet energized. I'm so very grateful I have Lauralee."

- Tracy


Craniosacral Therapy (CST) with Energy Healing

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is a gentle and effective healing modality that releases restrictions in the craniosacral system - comprised of the membranes and fluid that surround the brain and spinal cord. Sessions are intuitively guided and are effective in addressing anxiety, headaches, neck and back pain, sleep disorders, TMJ, learning disabilities, and many other health challenges. CST optimizes the functioning of the central nervous system and activates the body’s indwelling self-healing capability. 


Ancient Lomi Lomi

Ancient Lomi Lomi is an ancestral cellular healing modality. Lauralee is trained in the lineage of Ke Ala Hōkū: "pathway to the stars”, as taught by Jody Mountain ( and Kahu Abraham Kawai'i. Ancient Lomi Lomi is an ancient practice and way of listening based on indigenous spiritual teachings of Hawai’i. Through deep listening we awaken to a wider spectrum of life force. It is a vehicle into the intelligence of life and the self-healing capacity of your body. It is a method of embracing the unknown, integrating hidden aspects of self and bringing awareness to our habitual patterns of being. Through connecting to our source wisdom we then come home to ourselves.